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Deborah Greaves and Associates Communications

Deborah Greaves and Associates Communications DGAC began doing business in 2005.

DGAC was founded on the skills, experience and contacts built during more than two decades of sales, promotion, media liaison and writing, as well as several remarkable volunteer commitments.

While maintaining her work as a regular newspaper columnist and specialized feature writer for Okanagan Life, Orchard and Vine, YLW Connection and other magazines, in recent years Deborah has taken on contract work for a handful of select clients.

These include the Okanagan Film Commission, Community Futures in the Central Okanagan, Crystal Mountain Resort, the Similkameen- Okanagan Woodlot Association, and the Federation of BC Woodlot Associations.

Deborah was delighted to do a two-year stint on CBC Radio One, narrating a series of three-minute original stories.

The Associates are a group of talented and greatly appreciated people who provide educational information, financial and tactical advice, contacts, design work and editing as well as priceless creative ideas.

Now based in the dynamic city of Calgary, located near the spectacular Rocky Mountains of Canada’s oldest national park, DGAC is most interested in photographing and writing about people and businesses involved in sustainable activities on the land. DGAC’s range includes the rainforests of Vancouver Island and the Coast, the mountains and rangelands of Alberta and BC, and the tundra of the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

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