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About Us

“Do what you love, and you will never work again.”

Air Water Earth Publications is an independent company registered in 2005.

The principal is Deborah Greaves, who founded Air Water Earth Publications in order to achieve business goals that fit her passions. A former city girl, in ‘earlier lives’ she sold drafting supplies, cars and real estate. She has worked on fundraising, public relations and referendum campaigns ; her writing and photographs have been published in newspapers and magazines for many years.

In her volunteer career, Deborah sat on several commissions and committees for long terms, including the Advisory Planning Commission for the City of Nanaimo and the Environmental Advisory Committee for the Regional District of the Central Okanagan. She is currently a board member of the Science Opportunities for Kids Society. Her life partner is Russ; they are proud parents of three talented daughters.

A canoeist, hiker, snowshoer and dog enthusiast, Deborah has had a decades-long interest in land use, urban planning and conservation. She has received education about native grasslands, forestry and fire ecology. She admires innovative 21st century developers and builders who strive to plan and build considerately, with the long term health and natural heritage of their communities in mind.

Buoyed by the scientific implications that exposure to natural areas is good for human health and in anticipation of a trend toward North Americans living more lightly on the earth, Deborah and her associates have created a series of custom made, weather-resistant books, Guides to the Wild Side of the Neighbourhood. For more on the Guides to the Wild Side, go to ‘Guides’ on this website.

Deborah has had the great good fortune to meet others who share similar enthusiasms, two of whom have shared the work of creating the Guides to the Wild Side.

The design, layout and editing of the Guides has been carried out by Elaine Ophus. Most of the plants, trees and wildflowers were photographed by Cindy Bruckner. Both of these multi-talented collaborators are business owners, parents and year-round outdoor enthusiasts.

“Writing on Experience.”

Now based in the dynamic city of Calgary, located near the spectacular Rocky Mountains of Canada’s oldest national park, DGAC is most interested in photographing and writing about people and businesses involved in sustainable activities on the land. DGAC’s range includes the rainforests of Vancouver Island and the Coast, the mountains and rangelands of Alberta and BC, and the tundra of the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Air Water Earth Publications

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